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Art is the expression of ones self
in follow to the expressions of one persons feelings
we bring inspiration from the world around us
and the one we see with in us.
A true artist is not limited with what they already know
only with what they imagine they can do with what they know.
Expression in art is putting one self into ones work
it does not always begin as we think it will be
but it becomes what we make it to be
we start with one yet add something then another and another
and it becomes more then what we began with.
Everything must have emotion in it passion anger hate love
these are where we take our drive from where we begin and end with
we vent all that we are in our work 
all we hope want and need others to see.
Birth it is what we do with every stroke every word and every line or 
paint that we put into our master piece. it is the purest expression of who we are 
and the goal of what may or may not come it is the birth of a thousands words in
one glance the color of a persons soul and life. something that reach's into a person
and shakes them to their very core as well as the artist themselves.
it compels and consumes breaths and excels life both old and new
it can reveal our deepest emotion this is what we do
whom we are and become threw our art. 

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